The CE Questions You Need to Ask

Choosing a surgical continuing education program that aligns with your practice goals and learning style can seem overwhelming. Traditional courses “cram” too much information in a short time or offer only lectures with didactic information.  Frustration occurs when the clinician is “loaded” with information and on Monday is unable to implement what was taught.  That combined with the lack of live surgical observation or even practical experience is only a deterrent to the confidence needed to perform dental implant procedures. With so many choices, what information do you need to consider when choosing a dental implant CE program for your needs?


Some factors to weigh would be:

  1. Learning Outcomes: Are they clearly stated and in line with your education goals?
  2. Instructional Methods: What are they and what level of student involvement is offered?
  3. Clinician Expertise: Is the instructor an expert with demonstrated experience in the area of study?
  4. Program Format/Length: Is it long enough to adequately cover learning objectives?


Having identified CE programs that meet your basic education requirements, you can begin narrowing down choices. Ask yourself:

  • Is it ADA/AGD approved?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Is the location convenient?
  • How are the peer reviews or testimonials?
  • Does it offer proof of application
  • Is the material presented in a generic non commercial biased format?
  • Does the material show scientific basis?
  • What is the cancellation policy?


Dr. John Minichetti, Director of the Dental Implant Learning Center and referred to by many of his colleagues as the “Implant Daddy” explains how to choose a CE course in line with the trends in dentistry.

Implantology is the fastest growing segment of clinical dentistry. As past president of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, Dr. Minichetti is a general dentist who understands the needs of his course attendees. Hundreds of graduate dentists from Learning Center CE programs now routinely perform dental implant surgery and bone grafting procedures.  Here he explains how to choose CE courses in bone grafting and dental implants.

Establishing your education goals and requirements, planning the CE path that fits your circumstances, and doing your research will make choosing the best CE program for you a less daunting proposition. The Dental Implant Learning Center offers Day, Weekend, and 3 Day intensive hands on and live surgery courses, the Las Vegas AAID Maxicourse, its popular year-long Mini-Residency in surgical implant dentistry, and the 3 month Advanced Surgical Mini Residency.

Participants of our comprehensive programs learn implant dentistry on a consistent weekly basis with academic material from a core curriculum, guest lecturers, hands on exercises and viewing live surgery. Students can participate in laboratory exercises and perform live surgery under the supervision of the director. This repetitive tell, show and do method of teaching gives the dentist clinical time to review instruction and bring practical experience to and from their own offices. Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention. The CE programs really teach practical, predictable implant training and allows for mentoring after graduation. The Dental Implant Learning Center has been written up in the Dental Tribune, Dental Products Reports, Doctors of Dentistry, Inside Dentistry and on line at Dental Connections.

Registration is now open on our 2016-2017 dental implant courses. Click here to see available CE programs. For questions or more information on CE courses, contact our CE Coordinator Esther Yang by calling 201.871.3555 (or toll free at 866.586.0521) or by email at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you discover how far you can take your dental implant education!

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The Dental Implant Learning Center is a state of the art dental continuing education facility, located just 10 minutes from NYC. The Center offers Day, Weekend, and 3 Day intensive hands on courses, its popular year long Mini-Residency in surgical implant dentistry, and a 3 month Advanced Surgical Mini Residency. The director, John Minichetti, DMD, Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology, is a general dentist himself and understands the needs of his dental implant training attendees. Hundreds of students have attended his courses; many are now routinely performing dental implant surgery.