November 16-18, 2016 Live Surgery Course, Englewood NJ
Cancun Live Implant Surgery Program 2016
Cancun Live Implant Surgery Program 2016
Cancun Live Surgery Testimonial Compilation
Implant Daddy Mentoring
AAID Cadaver Program, Miami FL
Advanced Mini Residency
AAID Cadaver Program, Boston MA
Las Vegas Maxicourse

“This morning I completed restoring my first implant and this afternoon I placed an implant on #12. There was a 4-5mm defect on the buccal plate that was grafted with a membrane. Today we placed the implant using the Densah burs to expand the ridge a bit.  The flap the osteotomy the parallelism the suturing etc was just so much more smooth, comfortable, confident (and quicker) since the course 2 weeks ago. A year ago I never dreamed of actually being able to do these things and now it is just another fun day at the office. I really just want to thank you for all that you taught and gave to us in the classes.” – Dr. Michael Todres

“Dr. John Minichetti is a vivacious speaker and very approachable teacher. His experience and knowledge is only surpassed by his kindness and passion for sharing with others. My first experience with Dr. Minichetti was during an AAID cadaver course on grafting and from that experience, I chose to attend the Las Vegas Maxicourse with Dr. Minichetti. This is the best platform from which to jump into all things considered implantology.” – Andy Burton, DMD, 9/23/16

“Wow, Dr. Iyer has a breadth of knowledge which is acutely detailed. When it comes to treatment planning, rationale, and understanding the patient; He is the one of the world’s best. It’s a privilege to be able to tap into the knowledge and experience he has gained over his time as an implant dentist.”  – Andy Burton, DMD, 9/25/16

Excellent lecturer! Dr. Wong’s talk has been one of the best lectures I’ve been to. Her slides are clear and to the point. Very applicable which really gives me the confidence to go back to my office and begin treatment with patients immediately.”  – Victor Tran, DDS, 10/16/16

Dr. Wong’s willingness to share her failures and struggles helped me identify and relate well. It is inspiring to see someone that has overcome and continues to grow and improve! Also she is a wonderful and dynamic speaker! Her presentation was on point! Simple and groundbreaking. I cannot wait to have her as an instructor again!” –  Christopher Rodas, Loma Linda University, 10/16/16

This is exactly why I took the course. Dr. Wong clearly covered the implant basics to help even a novice better understand.” – Corbin Hayter, DDS, 10/16/16

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